Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Local Sports Team plays LATVIA in Latvia.

Over the past six months we have cemented our reputation as a hard working rock band who are heading for the top.

First off we launched our debut EP ‘Latvia’, recorded by Fudge at Cardiff’s SoundSpace studios, at a party on 12.12.12. An auspicious date which Cardiff Council have yet to confirm will hereafter be known as ‘Local Sports Team Day’.

We’ve played with bands such as The History of Apple Pie, Easter, Threatmantics, Gentle Good, Them Squirrels, Spencer McGarry, Fjords, Rough Music, The Milk Race, Falling Stacks, She Ripped, Nanook Of The North, Them Lovely Boys and Gindrinker all of whom have doubtless secretly vowed to work harder as a result.

News of our hard working rock has spread as far and wide, leading to demands for us to take our zesty, punctual live show to Newport and Aberdare. People across South Wales would now not dare to question where we are headed (i.e. the top).

We also traded our guitars for synthesisers at a tribute concert for hard working german electro godfathers Kraftwerk, proving that we are able to adapt to new challenges, show initiative, and be resourceful.

Also, Simon Raymonde played our song ‘Lady Gojira’ on his radio programme and said he ‘loved it’ and in this he’s definitely right because he was in the Cocteau Twins.

Finally, new research has proved that we are definitely a hard working rock band and also definitely heading for the top. 

Now we are pleased to announce that Local Sports Team have been formally invited by the people of Latvia to perform in their country. This forms phase two of our long term strategic plan to connect the cosmic ley lines which channel music all around the world. 

By entitling our debut EP “Latvia” we recognised the intense harmonic connection which exists between Latvia and Wales. The title caught the eye of an intrigued Latvian music blogger who promptly arranged the cultural exchange.

On Saturday 27th April, Local Sports Team will headline a show at Riga’s legendary night spot ‘Nabaklab’ alongside hard working Latvian rock bands Audience Killers and Neon Saturdays. 

At the time of the performance, fans of Local Sports Team are invited to stand in Womanby Street, Cardiff and hum their favourite LST songs in order to cement the cosmic harmonic connection. 

This will definitely work.

In this way, we are confident our music will help foster a spirit of friendship and peace between the people of Latvia and the people of Wales which will last for generations - barring diplomatic incidents.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Sound of 2013

We're heading for the top! One of 40 South Wales bands to look out for in 2013. Nice words from David Owens in today's Echo and online at WalesOnline.

"Angluar leftfield shouty pop that zips along in its own unorthodox slipstream with a carefree abandon that is nothing but ace. Recalling Public Image Ltd’s fire and skill, there’s some intricate fretwork here and a sound that aims to replicate an adrenaline shot to the veins."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Out now.

Limited handmade CD

Handmade slipcase CD by ACDSleeve in one of four colours.

1. Autobiography Steve
2. A Million Key Messages
3. Facebook / Flytrap (Holly Valance)
4. Light Pollution

Released 12 December 2012
Local Sports Team is:


Recorded by Fudge at Soundspace Cardiff Sept-Oct 2012
Mastered by Oli at Dreamtrak

Thanks to Fudge, Oli, Justin, Liz, Chris, Ffion, Heavyhead, Jimmy the Hat, and our WAGs.

Local Sports Team drink Sunkist Soda.

Available at Bandcamp and Spillers Records.

Launch gig tonight

Hard working rock band Local Sports Team release their first EP, 'LATVIA' on the 12th of December 2012. 

To mark the occasion, the EP will performed in full at a launch gig in Undertone (under Ten Feet Tall) in Cardiff, on the same day.

Support comes from the incredibly hard working Gindrinker and Alex Dingley.

With music from Mazeltov Cocktail DJs.

Doors at 20:00
Entry £4

'LATVIA' will be available to buy on CD on the night - strictly limited to one per customer.

Free can of Sunkist Soda to the first three attendees (no cash equivalent).

Check out a free preview track from 'LATVIA' here:


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Launch Gig And Sleeves!

Three days until the launch of our first EP 'LATVIA'. We've worked hard to bring your this epic first record and we hope you enjoy! You'll be able to purchase your copy in one of four colours at our launch party gig at Undertone on the 12th of December with support from Gindrinker and Alex Dingley. It's gonna be a blast!. Check out some pics of our ace sleeve, designed by ACDSleeve

"Their tipple is indie-rock, but one powered by a vintage synth, sturdy basslines and successful attempts at humour. Highlights of a generally commendable five-song EP: Facebook/Flytrap’s borderline danceable postpunk, and Lady Gojira which has a quality title and lots of time changes." Buzz Magazine


Thursday, November 08, 2012


Local Sports Team would like to announce the release of our first EP 'LATVIA'. It'll be launched (literally) at Undertone, Cardiff on the 12th of December 2012. Supporting us will be the incredibly hard working Gindrinker and Alex Dingley. There'll also be music from the hard working DJ duo, Mazeltov Cocktail.

Tickets are £4 on the door and the EP will be available for purchase on the night.

For more info, posters, artwork and tracklisting, stay tuned over the coming days.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Review

We've had our first review of our first song to be unleashed to the Internet. It's over at Ben Likes Music. Check it out and whilst you're there, have a listen to our new song, 'Lady Gojira'.